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Does your material need Lyophilization
(Freeze Drying)?

It might if you want to...

●  Stabilize and Preserve

●  Maintain Shape and Form

●  Retain Volatiles

●  Minimize Thermal Stress

●  Dissolve it Quickly and Completely

●  Create Formable Powders

●  Find Creative Applications


Freeze drying achieves these goals by removing water from
your material at low pressure and low temperature creating the

highest quality dried product possible.


Learn more about: 

The Freeze Drying Process 

Some of the products Apex Lyo can Freeze Dry


At Apex Lyo we offer: 

Quick Turnaround
   Five days or less on most orders

Personalized Customer Service

High Quality Technical Support

Access to Our Knowledge and Experience

Complete Drying Cycle Data 

We welcome small jobs, custom orders,
and exotic materials.