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At Apex Lyo we use customized freeze dryers designed to produce high quality products in the shortest time possible. We employ a unique and sophisticated PLC controlled automation system that continuously monitors specific parameters during the freeze drying process. Your material dries fast while being protected from physical or thermal damage.

At Apex Lyo we offer:
Quick Turnaround - Five days or less on most orders
Personalized Customer Service
High Quality Technical Support
Access to Our Knowledge and Experience
Complete Drying Cycle Data

We welcome small jobs, custom orders, and exotic materials.


Batch sizes range from 1-120 pounds of wet material. We can process up to 500 pounds of solids or 60 gallons of liquid per week. We can handle a variety of quantities in a variety of forms-vials, pieces, slurries, slabs, devices-just about any form your material may be in.

Turnaround averages less than five days and prices start as low as $595 (USD) for basic drying. This includes packaging. Additional charges may apply depending on material weight, dry time, dryer availability, and any pre or post processing required. There is an additional charge for cycle data. Estimates are always free and we're happy to discuss your project with you.

Apex Lyo's Six Easy Steps to Lyophilize your material
1. Ship your material to us. It can come frozen, refrigerated, or ambient.
1. Shipping on dry ice works well for frozen material and chemical ice packs for refrigerated.
2. We perform any required pre-processing.
3. Your material is loaded into one of our state-of-the-art freeze dryers.
4. Our advanced computer automation system monitors and controls the process until your material is dried.
5. We perform any required post-processing.
6. Your freeze dried material is then packaged and boxed, and shipped back to you.

Terms and Payments
New customers are CWO (cash with order). We accept checks and all major credit cards.


What We Don't Normally Freeze Dry
There are some materials that we do not normally freeze dry. These include fruits, vegetables, meals for home food storage, and flowers/floral arrangements. Freeze drying these items is usually cost prohibitive and can be obtained other ways or from other suppliers. If you absolutely must have these done, please contact us.

We do not freeze dry animals and animal parts for taxidermy.

Our dryers hold up to 120 pounds (50 kgs) each and we can process approximately 500 pounds per week (60 gallons liquid).